What is the difference between Hemp, Marijuana and Cannabis?

What is the difference between Hemp, Marijuana and Cannabis?

Hemp and Marijuana are essentially two different strains of the Cannabis plant. Each with their own properties, characteristics and uses.


Marijuana is the generic term for all of the various Cannabis strains that are grown predominantly for their flowers which are rich in THC.

Marijuana has been used for centuries for Spiritual, Recreational and other purposes.

Fun Fact: The UK is the largest producer in the world of Marijuana with GW Pharmaceuticals being the only company to have a license to grow. I guess it helps when the manager of the hedge fund that owns 40% of the company happens to be Theresa May’s husband, our former Prime Minister.


Hemp, also called Industrial Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis plant that has been grown for thousands of years for its strong stalks.

Hemp was used to make the paper we printed our money on.

Hemp can be used for a variety of items such as textiles, rope, clothing, paper, biodegradable plastics, paint, insulation, building materials, biofuel, food, animal feed and the list goes on.

Hemp produces very little THC if any. However, it does have other Cannabinoids, such as CBD which are proving to have many uses.

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