Coconut Oil for Hair with Dandruff

Coconut Oil for Hair with Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common disorders of the scalp. Dandruff is caused by flaky dead skin cells that, over time, weaken the hair. 

Coconut Oil is the perfect all-natural solution to help prevent and alleviate dandruff in your hair.

Here are two of the best all-natural solutions:

? Camphor and coconut oil:

?For this recipe, you have to mix a small amount of camphor with coconut oil. Once ready, store the mixture in a jar and apply it every night before going to bed.

?Coconut oil and lemon juice:

?Lemon is an essential ingredient for hair care. Simply mix lemon juice with coconut oil and apply the solution to your scalp. Leave for about half an hour before you shampoo. Apply this treatment for at least two weeks in order to achieve truly unique and effective results!

Do this and your friends won’t’ be wondering if it’s been snowing outside when they great you ?❄️❄️❄️

CoccoMio, we’re just nuts about coconut and only the best will do!

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